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About Server
- We offer you qualitatively fast dedicated long term MU Online server without bugs or

- Server is almost 99.9% bug-free‚ that means you can freely explore everything without

being disconnected.
- Server has great defense also‚ secured with anti-cheat‚ that means no
more hackers and cheaters‚ play fair and enjoy your pvp matches.
- Server does not turn off‚ never! We are fully at work 24/7.
- Euphoria MU will always have your back‚ if you got problems or
questions‚ feel free to PM or talk to us about it‚ we are always
available and ready to help.
- Euphoria MU is what you are looking for‚ join today‚ be a part of the family.

Server basic information

- Version: Season 3 Episode 1 based on Season 6 Engine
- Experience: 9999x
- Drop rate: 80%
- Points per level: 5/7 (standard)
- After reset: Keep items and stats
- Reset Zen: 70.000.000 Zen
- Post Command = 700.000 Zen
- Bless bug: Off
- Max level: 400
- Max stats: 32767
- Ancient + Excellent F.O. v
- Vote for credits v
- WebShop v
- Grand reset system v

Server advanced information
- Dedicated host without any lag.
- 100 Mbps Line.
- MuGuard Premium anti-cheat.
- Balanced PVP.
- 24/7 Online.

Available commands
- /add - Add stats in-game.
- /post - Send message to post chat.
- /clearpk - Clear your pk status.
- /reset - Reset your character from game. 400 level required.
- /info - Information Server

All other commands are available when you press the 'D' button.

Online Server Events

- AutoDrop Event
- AutoPK Event
- HnS Event
- Kundun Invasion Event
- Castle Siege
- Ring Attack Event
- Blood Castle Event
- Chaos Castle Event
- Crywolf Event
- Devil Square Event
- CastleDeep Event
- GameMaster System Event
- Auto Trivia Event
- Auto BringMe Event
- Auto Race Event


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