[AD] OriginalMu|Season 6|Exp:1500|Ppl 5/6/7|Drop:45|%|Class Balance|Fresh DB|

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[AD] OriginalMu|Season 6|Exp:1500|Ppl 5/6/7|Drop:45|%|Class Balance|Fresh DB|

Post  Speeks on Sat May 17, 2014 7:28 pm

Grand Opening of the server will be at 25 May 19:00 (GMT+2)!

website: http://medium.originalmu.net/

OriginalMu is new growing project with MuOnline server
based on latest Season 6 epizode 3,premium Server Files.
First server that will be opened is Medium Rate: 1500x
Very Well-Considered Gameplay - Working all spells/maps/events.
Professionally developed to deliver best stability and high performance.
We know what people love, and will bring all the best of it to you.

Server Information:
Server: Season 6 epizode 3 Premium Server Files.
Client: Crystalwall Anticheat
Experience: 1500x
Drop Rate: 45%
Exc Item Drop: 5%
Zen Drop: 25x
Max Stats: 32767
Points Per Level: 5/7
GuildCreateLevel: 250
Post Level/Cost: 50/100000
PkClear*Kill Count: 500 000
Jewel Prices: Standart
Reset: Stats Clear
After reset stats: 600/700
Grand reset from: 70 Res
Grand reset: 5000 Credits
Free points after Grand res 10k
Ingame Features:
Bot System
Oficial MuHelper
New Quests
New Duel System
Raklion Event
Kalima Event
Illusion Temple
Kanturu Event
Blood Castle
Devil Square
Happy hour


More info soon:)

So What Are You Waiting For ?? Register Now And Invite More Friends !!




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