[AD] MU-Online GBServer [97d+99items Exp:150x-210x Drop:70%]

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[AD] MU-Online GBServer [97d+99items Exp:150x-210x Drop:70%]

Post  otndok on Fri May 23, 2014 6:26 pm

MU-Online GBS

Site: gbs.otzo.com
Forum: mugbs.bulgarianforum.net

Server Location: България, Габрово / Bulgaria, Gabrovo
Server UpTime: 24/7
Game version: 97d+99items
Server experience: 150x-210x(+40% on HappyHour Event)
Server drop rate: 70%
Max items level: +11 +16
Points per level: [BK,SM,ME] - 5 [MG] - 7
Maximum level: 350
Required level for reset: 340
Points per reset: 720
Reset cost: 10mil. X number of resets
Maximum resets: 50
Clear inventory on reset: YES
Clear Skills on reset: NO
PK clear cost: 5mil. X number of murders
Maximum stats points: 32 767
Mana Shield maximum defence rate: 75%

WebShop items:
-Items that drop from Box Of Kundun +1 +2 and +3
-Jewels (bless, soul, chaos, life)
-Wings (1lvl, 2lvl)
-Maximum 2 excellent options per item

Success rates:
Jewel Of Soul succes rate: 55%
Jewel Of Soul +luck succes rate: 80%
Jewel Of Life succes rate: 90%
Item +10 (+luck): 55% (80%)
Item +11 (+luck): 50% (75%)

Blood Castle Event
Devil Square Event
Golden Dragon Event
Sky Event
Party Bonus Event
HappyHour Event


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