Mu BattleZone S3 ep1 exp - 9999x

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Mu BattleZone S3 ep1 exp - 9999x

Post  user677 on Mon Aug 11, 2014 2:39 pm

Name: Mu BattleZone Season 3
Server Start: 14.08.2014 at 18:00
Experience: 9999x
Drop rate: 50%
Version: Season 3
Max level: 400
Max reset: 100
Reset level: 400
Keep stats: No
Reset points: 500
Reset Zen: 100mil.
Stat Points Per level: BK/SM/ME - 5 MG - 7
ClearPK Zen: 10M x Kills
Guild create level: 100
Bless Bug: OFF
Spawns: lorencia / davias / d3 / lt7 / stadium / icarus and more
PVP: Balanced PVP no IMBA character


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