AeliaMu Online Season 3

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AeliaMu Online Season 3

Post  matty2012 on Wed Aug 13, 2014 3:35 pm

Name: AeliaMu


Game: MuOnline

Type: Private Server

Version: 1.04e - Season 3

Game expiriance: 300x

Game drop: 50%

Number of max user: 200

Servers:1 (if necessary second is ready)

Max stats: 32767

Max level: 400

Max master level: 300

Reset: YES

Max resets: 60

Cost per reset: 100kk

Grand reset: YES

Grand reset on: 50 resets

Cost per grand reset: 500mm

Grand reset reward: YES - 2000 credits

Points per level: 5/7

Socket Items: YES

Bless bug: NO

In game shop: YES

Goblin points: YES - 1 every 5min. play

Web shop: YES - by credits

Vote reward system: YES (reward - credits)

Heat of love: YES

Golden,siler medal: No

In game NPC(shops): YES - LOW items +0+L

Zen drop: LOW

Zen duration time: 15s

MuHelper: YES

Cost MuHelper: 50k

Anti-Hack: YES - Server and client side

Guild create level: 250lvl

DL create lvl: 250lvl

MG create lvl: 220lvl

Sum create lvl: 300lvl

RG create lvl: 350lvl

Golden invasion: YES - every hour

Party bonus exp: YES

Guild warehouse: YES


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