Reality Mu x500 / Season 8 Ex702 / Just opened /IGCN Premium Server Files/

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Reality Mu x500 / Season 8 Ex702 / Just opened /IGCN Premium Server Files/

Post  Th3Enzo on Thu Oct 02, 2014 12:23 pm

Reality Mu!

Experience: x500
Drops: 25%

Max Level: 400
Max Master Level: 330
Guild Create Level: 150

Jewel Success Rate: Soul 50%/ 75%, Jewel of Life 50%
Chaos Machine Rate:
+10 = 50%
+11-13 = 45%
+14 = 40%
+15 = 35%
Luck + 20%

Arca War *Like in GMO (Minimum 5 Guild Member, Saturday and Sunday at the time  20.00!)
Blood Castle *Well configured for players. (Jewel drops are increased)
Devil Square *Well configured for players. (Jewel drops are increased)
White Wizard Invasion *Like in GMO (The WhiteWizard is more strong)
Kanturu Event
Ilussion Temple (Min. 2 players needed to play in Ilussion Temple)
Order of Gaion
Chaos Castle (Min. 2 players needed to play in ChaosCastle)
Kalima (Kundun Mob is configured for players in party)
Raklion Selupan Boss Fight *Well configured for players.
Daily Crywolf Event
Loren Castle Deep
Last Man Standing
Weekly Guild Events

eX702 Plus Features:
Pentagram & Elemental System Mix 100% Working
All Errtels can be upgraded to Rank 5 Level 10
Pentagrams up to 5 Sockets
Errtel of Gale Working 100% *All like GMO
New eX702 Plus Sets and Weapons *All like GMO
New Map and Mobs *All like GMO
New User Interface *All like GMO
New eX702 Plus Skills  *All like GMO
New 2.5 Wings *All like GMO
Elemental PVP System *All like GMO
Expanded RF Skill Tree *All like GMO

*UPCOMING*Season 8 Episode 3: In one or one+half month, the Season 8 update will come.

New Options for Store Pub
4th Wings
Muun System
Summon the Demons
New Pentagrams
New interface
New Maps

Additional Info about our game (Drops, monsters, events, CashShop, etc.):

New Achievement System! You will be earned after you do your tasks. In the website, in the achievement section you could see, what you have to do. But to unlock your achievement system, you have to something do Smile.
The Jewel drops in Blood Castles and Devil Squares are %100 more than in normal map Jewel drops.
Silver Box and Golden Box drops from Silver Valkyrie in Atlans 3. But do not try to kill it only yourself. The mob is strong and only with a party you could defeat it.
Hydra drops Bundle of Jewel of Chaos/Bless/Soul. But do not forget, it is harder to kill than Silver Valkyrie, and it needs a good party.
Kundun mob is also strong and it is for party members or guild members. Only a player cannot defeat a kundun mob and cannot get ancient item from that.
Acheron monsters are also strong but you do not have a 4 or 5 player included party. After you are strong enough, you could try to find your pentegrams in Acheron with your mate.
Heart of Love drops chaos if you find and you are lucky enough.
The Kalima, Illusion, Blood Castle and Devil Square tickets are in CashShop. After you vote us in web site, you could have your credits and change your credits to WCoin©️ in website.
Full items cannot be donated, if you got enough credits, you could only donate 2 optioned item. So the balance between player will not be destroyed.
CashShop is well configured for players. You could purchase Seals, Pets, Tickets and Accessorries (Magiback Pack, Talisman of Luck, etc.) from CashShop.
The spots are well configured for players, like not hard to get levels but easy-hard to get level.
Nice supporting from forum, you could report players, bugs, problems in our forum from the section Tracker. The tracks will be answered in 4-6 hours.
The news will be announced in only in our forum, so It would be nice when you follow our forum, for weekend events, etc.
Shops are configured for basic items, so there are no jewels and quest items in shops. But you could find +7 basic items for your characters.
Exchange your onlne hour(s) to WCoin©️ "1 hour is to 5 WCoin©️ (in-game feature)".
Long-term 1Gbit Dedicated server.
Enjoy the game  Smile


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