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[AD]TerminalMU|Season 8Ep2|Exp:9999|Drop:100%|Join

Post  awaw23 on Sun Oct 05, 2014 4:20 am

TerminalMU Season 8 Ep2

Server Info:

Website: Www.TerminalMU.com
Contact: Admin@TerminalMU.com

Game Play Info:

Exp: 9999x
Drops: 100%
Zen Rate: x0.1000
Max Level: 400
Max Reset: Unlimited
Shop: Hard
Keep Stats: Yes
Jewel Success Rate: Default
Chaos Machine Rate: Default


Blood Castle
Devil Square
White Wizard Invasion
Kanturu Event
Imperial Guardian
Chaos Castle
Raklion Selupan Boss Fight
Gens System and Vulcanus Fight.
Weekly Castle Siege

Special Features:

• Account Lock System for players who have pilot, items will not be movable.
• Very well systematized Drop Loot Table to avoid Game Economy Crash.
• Dungeon Race Event ( Automated Cash Points Rewards )
• Bring me Item Event ( Automated Cash Points Rewards )
• Hunt and Kill Mobs Event ( Automated Cash Points Rewards )
• PVP Last Man Standing Event ( Automated Cash Points Rewards )
• Players are able to buy and sell items on personal store and use cash points as monetary ( Loren Market )
• Custom Guild House - Castle Lords will have special room access on Devias Store.
• Well balanced PVP, living up to the taste of high profile MU PVP Players
• No Custom Items, Only 3 Max Socket; no over powered items
• Complete working and well balanced skills up to ex702 Plus
• Chaos Machine DC Item Auto Restore
- When you get disconnected in game while mixing items in chaos machine or items got stucked because of lag you can disconnect in game and re connect in same sub server and your item will be restored automatically.

Season8 Ep2 Features:

• Pentagram & Elemental System Mix 100% Working Retail Like Procedure
• New eX702 Plus Sets and Weapons
• New Map and Mobs
• New User Interface
• New eX702 Plus Skills
• New 2.5 Wing Players able to mix and create
• Elemental PVP System
• Many More!


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