[AD]RealityMU - FULL Season 8 Episode 2

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[AD]RealityMU - FULL Season 8 Episode 2

Post  realitymu on Mon Nov 03, 2014 2:39 am


Visit us at:web.realitymu.com/

Experience: x150

Drops: 20% The drop system will be described at the additional info side.

Max Level: 400, Max Reset is 50 and stats keep in every resets.

Max Master Level: 330

Guild Create Level: 150

Jewel Success Rate: Soul 50%/ 75%, Jewel of Life 50%

Chaos Machine Rate:
+10 = 50%

+11-13 = 45%

+14 = 40%

+15 = 35%

Luck + 20%


Arca War *Like in GMO (Minimum 5 Guild Member, Saturday and Sunday at the time 20.00!)

Blood Castle *Well configured for players. (Jewel drops are increased)

Devil Square *Well configured for players. (Jewel drops are increased)

White Wizard Invasion *Like in GMO (The WhiteWizard is more strong)

Kanturu Event

Ilussion Temple (Min. 2 players needed to play in Ilussion Temple)

Order of Gaion


Chaos Castle (Min. 2 players needed to play in ChaosCastle)

Kalima (Kundun Mob is configured for players in party)

Raklion Selupan Boss Fight *Well configured for players.

Daily Crywolf Event

Loren Castle Deep

Last Man Standing

Weekly Guild Events

eX702 Plus Features:

Pentagram & Elemental System Mix 100% Working

All Errtels can be upgraded to Rank 5 Level 10

Pentagrams up to 5 Sockets

Errtel of Gale Working 100% *All like GMO

New eX702 Plus Sets and Weapons *All like GMO

New Map and Mobs *All like GMO

New User Interface *All like GMO

New eX702 Plus Skills *All like GMO

New 2.5 Wings *All like GMO

Elemental PVP System *All like GMO

Expanded RF Skill Tree *All like GMO

*FULL*Season 8 Episode 2:

New Options for Store Pub

4th Wings

Muun MiningSystem

Summon the Demons

New Pentagrams

New interface

New Maps


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