[AD] PeaceMu: Opening at 15 February / Season6 - Episode4 Power Edition!

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[AD] PeaceMu: Opening at 15 February / Season6 - Episode4 Power Edition!

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What is PeaceMu? It's a new project, focused on the English-speaking audience, created by the well talented and experienced developers in the field of MMORPG.


Gameplay features:

Our server is running an s6 ep4 emulator with corresponding features such as the socket system,

as fully working events starting from the classic Blood Castle up to the Hatchery.

You won’t find anywhere else such painstaking work done on the character balance,

because only on our server you can play with the character you like, not the one that is the strongest.

We are constantly working on improving the gameplay,

so expect many original custom additions to the PeaceMU in the near future.

Website features:

Market, where you can sell or buy any items from other players, has quite handy filters,

through which even the trading process appears as a separate gameplay element.

Server Information:

Arena item, (if there is the right thing, after the death remains in the arena)
Inside the game system reset
Inside the game Grand reset the system (commands: / reset / grandreset)
Inside game ban system
Dynamic experience (EXP)
system greetings
Manager to lock the transmission of things through trade / shop
OffExp - AFK (system, pumping Offline / offafk)

Bonuses for reset / reset Grand:

- Credits
- WcoinC
- WCoinP
- Goblin Points

Offline trading:

- Zen; / offzen
- Credits; / offcredit
- WCoinC; / offwcoinc
- WCoinP; / offwcoinp
- Goblin Points; / offgoblin
- Jewel Of Chaos; / offchaos
- Jewel Of Bless; / offbless
- Jewel Of Soul; / offsoul
- Jewel Of Life; / offlife

Alert in Global, a new offline store (Nick, map, coordinates)


Quest system awards:

- Zen
- Point that do not burn after reseta
- Subject
- Credits
- WCoinC
- WCoinP
- Goblin Points

Bonuses during the game:

- WCoinC
- WCoinP
- Goblin Points
- Credits

VIP system:

- Increases experience
- Increases Drop

Price Manager:

Exhibiting their prices for sale items in the store:
- Zen
- Credits
- WCoinC
- WCoinP
- Goblin Points

New game events:

- Search Event (Evangelion)
- Heppy Hour
- Drop Event

Wings 2.5 Level
Recipe cooks:
- Jewel Of Chaos
- Jewel Of Creation
- Loch's Feather
- Exellent Items +9 +4 add
- Wings 2 level +9 + 4add
- 5000000 zen
The probability of successful cooking 60%


Wings level 4
Recipe cooks:
- Jewel Of Chaos
- Jewel Of Creation
- Crystel Of Condor
- 30x Jewel Of Bless
- 30x Jewel Of Soul
- Exellent Items +9 + 4add
- Wings 3 level +9 + 4add
- 25000000 Zen
The probability of successful cooking 50%


Wings level 5
Recipe cooks:
- Jewel Of Chaos
- Jewel Of Creation
- Crystel Of Condor
- 30x Jewel Of Bless
- 30x Jewel Of Soul
- Exellent Items +9 + 4add
- Ancent Items +9 + 4add
- Wings 4 level +9 + 4add
- 50000000 Zen
The probability of successful cooking 40%


Setting maximum performance for each of the classes
- Max Damage
- Max Defence
- Max Ignore Defence Rate
- Max Critical Damage Rate
- Max Exellent Damage Rate
- Max Double Damage Rate
- Max Absord Damage Rate
- Max Reflect Damage Rate
- Max Wizard Damage
- Max Life
- Max SD

Teleport Manager

Adding teleports through command or NPC
Setting the level reseta, Grand reseta, the availability of premium status to teleport
Map and location where will be teleported
Setting prices teleport:
1) Zen Money
2) Ex Credits
3) WCoinC
4) WCoinP
5) Goblin Points

Jewels Bank - storage stones
- Jewel Of Chaos
- Jewel Of Bless
- Jewel Of Soul
- Jewel Of Life


Reconnect the system

Reactivation in the server crashes


HP Bar

2 display modes hp monsters
Switching: F9
- The name of the monster
- Level Monster
- Number of Xn

1. Display Strips hp all monsters
2. Display Strips hp monster hover


Drawing from HP Bata players
On / Off: F10
To restore the player drawing the strip SD / HP

- Player Level
- RESET Player
- Grand reset the player


After the cursor to the battle mode, the player displays HP

Drawing Party Hp Bara
Switching old and new xn bar: F11
Permanent drawing strip SD / HP
Permanent rendering the remaining HP

To restore the player
- Player Level
- RESET Player
- Grand reset the player

All settings are saved (not reset after you restart the client)

New system of party

- When you break passed on to another participant Party
- Get into the party after reconnect or rejoining the game
- Ability to transfer to another participant liderstov Party

Auto Party
Mass notification in Global when creating auto party map coordinates
Improved interface HP bar


New Jewels

- JewelOfExellent
- JewelOfMistic
- JewelOfLuck
- JewelOfSkill
- JewelOfLevel
- JewelOfEvalution
- JewelOfAncent
- JewelOfOption

3D Camera
game clock
Chat separately from experience
Hp bar life
Added Glow Sveschenie on cards
Full HD Windows
Distance display objects

Tree Mode Chat Information

Normal chat (who is within sight)
Privat Chat
post Chat
Parti Chat
Guild Chat
Allians chat
Information on the achievement level of 400

SpeedBug Fix

Fixed all the bugs visual, display the values above 65535


Credit system Donat

The ability to buy things Donat / sets for the loans and sell the store with loss of interest.
Setting up a list of all the things, options, prices

Total Buff Fix

Top players
Mass notification in Global when creating cars party map coordinates
Rating igrakov introduced in the game (top 100)


Box of Zen

Added storage Zen



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