MentalMU | Season8 | Exp:125x Register Open | Reset Limit | Open In 05.03 17:30 GMT+2

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MentalMU | Season8 | Exp:125x Register Open | Reset Limit | Open In 05.03 17:30 GMT+2

Post  yakovserv on Mon Mar 02, 2015 12:28 pm

Details on the server:

Expo: 125X

.drop: 40%.

Points to: Mage \ Beakie \ thousandth \ Smonr - 5 pts.
After Marlon's quest - 6 pts.
Emjee \ Rage \ Dark Lord - 7 pts.
Maximum level - 400.
Max Ristim 30s. (Can change later).
Static saved after Rist!
Spots every map between 5-8.
Host Info :
Intel Duel Core I5502 X2 3.3GHZ
4TB Disk
1GB Port Network


Site known to everyone DmN MuCMS. Many systems:
Adding Static
Static Reset
Replacing credits to Wcoins
User dispatch
Killer Cleaning
Cleaning player of all things.
Clear Skills
Replacing hours playing credits.
Shop with all the sets! (There is a limit to 2 options only!)

And more ...

The events:
All The events are working fine.
The events:

Blood Casle.Devil sometimes falls RENA Square.

Once collect 50 funds we exchange them for 500 credits.
Once collect 100 funds we exchange them for 1200 credits.
The events have specialized guilds.
Avent beginning any new player gets 200 points up and 3 million species. (After 3 days from the opening receive only 3 million species), all of this for one week.

And of course there will be lots of surprises capital we organize you.
Site and downloads + opening date coming days I will post.
Build a professional, graduate ... Executive Jobs game and anyone interested please send PM me and I contact him.

Hope to see you on the server.
MentalMU Team.

Photos From Game :

Start Register !
The First 100 Registers Get 200 credits when open


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