Panda MU Season 8 // 1000 EXP // BALANCED PVP // UNIQUE EVENTS

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Panda MU Season 8 // 1000 EXP // BALANCED PVP // UNIQUE EVENTS

Post  kubaaa on Wed Jun 03, 2015 2:58 pm

Welcome to Panda MU BETA
Season 8 Episode 2
Website :
Forum :
All players participating in the BETA will be rewarded in the final edition.

We are currently looking for experienced GM's, applications on the forum.

Panda MU will never be wiped! No matter what happens you will never lose your progress.
Earthquake, Tsunami or Zombie Apocalypse, it doesnt matter.
Server is online 24/7

Server Configuration
Panda MU is proud to offer you :
Experience Rate : 1000x
Drop Rate : 60%
5/7 Points per level
No Jewels or Boxes in shops
Special items drop in Land of Trials, not just ancients
Regular and Unique events
MU Helper working from level 1 for all classes
You don't need to use the website to reset. Reset NPC is in Lorencia!
Vote for credits. Credits can be used in the webshop, or ingame Cash Shop
Castle Siege every Sunday
Fully working skill tree for all classes.
Balanced PVP, Panda MU is not just a BK server :laugh:

What makes Panda MU Special?
Max resets is 50, so there is no max stats, the way you build your character matters the most in PvP.
Unique custom bosses are planned for the future (Under Development)
Along with unique GR Rewards that can't be bought in the webshop (Under Development)
GM's and Admin in-game every day, so there are plenty of events.
You don't have to donate to be the best.
Friendly admin with passion and time to give you the best experience.

With the combination of premium files and a powerful VPS we are able to provide you the best gaming experience!

Screen Shots:

During the BETA test my aim is to :
1. Balance all classes for great PVP experience
2. Balance monsters in high level maps for MAX Reset players.
3. Eliminate any bugs.
4. Recruit a few more GMs
5. Add more items to in-game cashshop
6. Add new items to webshop


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