[AD] FancyMu S9|PvP|Exp 400x|Drop 50%|

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[AD] FancyMu S9|PvP|Exp 400x|Drop 50%|

Post  fancymu on Mon Jun 29, 2015 2:58 am

FancyMu server

I would recommend long term mu online project -FANCYMU.
WEB: FancyMu.com
Huge plans: develop 400x server,and the near future will open Season 9 another server.
Your prospects - you can join us and grow project.
Powerful, high-quality and high speed Internet access platform.
Pleasant, friendly and warm staff.

   Server Specifications:

RAM: 8
Processor Speed: 2x 3.7 Ghz
Connection: 150 Mbps
Hosting Location: Europe

   Detailed info:

Version S9
Exp 400x
after reset 400 Point!
Drop 50%
Max Level 400
Master Exp - 150x
Max Resets - 100
Grand Reset - After 100 Resets
Bonus 3000 stats + 1000 credits

   Web features :

Market system - ON
Warehouse - ON
Refferal system - ON
Support ticket system - ONLINE
Exchange your online time to credits and much more...


FancyMu website

   Mu S9 Details regarding game and class changes include:

PK Changes
Elf, Dark Wizard and Summoner tweaks
Weapon durability loss decreased
Pet System
PvP Area - Atlans and Aida
Character Renewal
Fist Master Skill Tree extended


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