[AD] MuDream 97D+99i Exp:100 Drop:70 Max Reset:10

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[AD] MuDream 97D+99i Exp:100 Drop:70 Max Reset:10

Post  mudreamworld on Mon Nov 02, 2015 7:58 pm

[SIZE="5"]MuDream 97D+99i + MuDream Addons
Grand Opening : 06.11.2015 18:00 GM+2


[SIZE="4"]Website and Links[/SIZE]
[URL="http://mudream.net"]MuDream Website[/URL]
[URL="http://mudream.net/#!register"]MuDream Register[/URL]
[URL="http://mudream.net/#!download"]MuDream Download[/URL]

[SIZE="4"]Server Rates[/SIZE]
*Version: 97D + 99i + MuDream Addons
*Experience: 80x (Weekends 100x)
*Drop: 70%
*Max Level: 350
*Reset Level:330~350 (1 Bonus Points every each level after 330 Level)
*Reset Cost: Reset * 10 Mil Zen
*Reset Points: BK - 330 | ELF - 370 | SM - 380 | MG - 450 |
*Level Up Points: BK/SM/ELF - 5 | MG - 7 |
*Bless Bug: Off
*Pk Clear: 3 Mil x Pk Count (website or in game)
*Webshop: No. Only Webmarket,Auction.
*Events: Golden Invasions,BC/DS/Sky/Castle Throne/Happy Hour/Party Bonus/Lucky Jewels and Unique Mudream Hunt Event!
*Custom Events: Hall of Fame Event Sunday, Castle Throne Every Saturday, Mass Pk Every Friday
*Event Times: Bc,Ds Every 1 Hour, Sky Event Every 2 Hours, Hunt Event Every 4 Hours
*Success Rates: Normal.
*Boss Mobs: Dark Phonex, Giant Drakan, Sea Worm, Throne Boss
*Spawns: All Maps.
*Webshop: No. Only Webmarket,Auction.
*Pvp: Balanced PvP.
*Shortcut Move Commands: /move lor, nor, dav, dun, dun2, dun3 , lt1, lt2, lt3, lt4, lt5, lt7, atl, tar, st ,are ,ica
*Commands: /post, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /marry, /divorce, /vip, /charinfo, /questinfo, /pkclear, /reghunt, /tracemary etc.

[SIZE="4"]Event Rewards[/SIZE]
*Golden Invasıons: Up to Legendary,Dragon,Guardian. Will be increased later on.
*Blood Castle: BC6 = BOX+5 ,BC5 = BOX+4 ,BC3 = BOX+3 ,BC2 = BOX2,BC1 = BOX1
*Devil Square: 1St: 30 Mil Zen, 2nd: 25 Mil Zen, 3rd: 20 Mil Zen, 4th: 15 Mil Zen, Bosses: DS4= Thantalos, DS3= Lizard, DS2= Dragon, DS1=Taikan
*Sky Event: Items from Box+3, item level +7 + add. Will be increased later on.
*Mass Pk Event: Items from Boxes with 2 exl opt + luck.
*Hall of Fame Event: Items from Boxes with 2 exl opt + luck for every each winner of races.
*Hunt Event: Box of Kundum +5 x 2
*Castle Throne: Access to special area only for winner guild where Throne Boss located with hight level items

*Whole Website Rebuilded. Now Faster, comfortable and usefull
*Item Rafinery : You can Recycle your useless Excellent items to jewels. Unique !
*Guild Bank: Share, Store your values with your guild. Hot !
*Ticket System: Brand new Support system.
*Weekly Rankings: Rebuilded.Reward for BC/DS/Online Time/Top Voter/Sms and Guild Rankings winners.
*Account Setttings: Add/Addit Your own character avatar,social links etc.
*Dual Stats: Swich your dual stats with simple 1 click.
*Marry Reward: Get Max resets and marry you will be rewarded with 3 exl option unique items at once.
*Reset Reward: Get Max resets and add 2 resets to newly character as a reward at once.
*Webmarket: Sell/buy items for jewels,stones,zen,credits
*Item Auction: Bet for items.
*Web Store: Deposit/withdaw zen,jewel,stone,boxes with new brand dynamic modules.
*Global Post: Send Global Message to game as a admin. Now it's cheaper only 3 Mil zen
*Exchange Quests: Get 5 Bonus points every complated quests (keeped after resets)
*Exchange Fruits: Exchange your Fruits to bonus points. 1 Fruit = 1 Point (keeped after resets)
*Exchange Time: Exchange your online times to credits. Stay online reward more credits.
*Exchange Stones: Exchange your stones to zen.
*Exchange Resets: Exchange your resets to stones.
*Black Red: Feel Lucky? Than play our Black-Red game and win credits.
*Roulette: Feel Lucky again? Than play our Credits roulette and win credits.
*Chaos Machine: Upgrade your items with better succes rates
*Add Luck: Exchange your stones to zen.
*Castle Throne: Register for Battle, and Use teleport function if you are winner guild.
*Website Inbuild Other Modules: Change Race, Change Name, Rename Account, Transfer Character,Skip Quest,Reset Quests and alot more to discover by your self Smile

We are waiting for you !



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