[MU] CursedMu | Season 8 epizode 2 |2 Worlds: and this is x300 Grand opening

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[MU] CursedMu | Season 8 epizode 2 |2 Worlds: and this is x300 Grand opening

Post  Speeks on Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:45 pm

Start date: Official started date: 13.11.2015. 18:00 (GMT + 2:00) this was for x30 server

And official start date for x300 server : 27.11.2015. 20:00 (GMT + 2:00)

Server Rates
* Server x30 x300

*Version: Season: 8 episode 2
*Maximum Character Stats: 32767
*Points Per Level: 5/6/7/7
*Unique Reset System: (Every res -2%. min 10% exp till 50) [25x only]
*Reset Reward System: 30 credits 5 gold credits per 1 reset.
*After Reset: Stats Clear
*After Reset stat points: 300(Dk,Dw,Elf) 400(Dl,Rf,Sum,Mg) x300 - 350, 450
*Grand reset from: 50/80 res
*Grand reset free points: [10000]
*Grand reset reward: [9500]
*Wcoin: [500]
*Different type of credit: Credits and Gold Credits(Gold credits have discount in item shop)
*Hide character info: (inventory, location)
*Vote Reward system: (vote every12h)
*Referral system: Invite players and get Gold credits
*Market system: Sell for Credits, Gold credits,jewels, zen
*Web Zen
*Shop Cart system
*Cash Shop system: In game press X to activate
*Zen Wallet system

The top 3 players with the highest amount of resets at the end of the month will receive a Coins reward!

Top 1 = 15,000 Coins.

Top 2 = 10,000 Coins.

Top 3 = 5,000 Coins.

Server Features

* Online Hours system: Get 1 Credits every hour.
* Elf Soldier Buff: 220 Level
* Balanced PVP
* Vote and Get Reward
* Professional Anti Cheat Client-Server Side


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