[AD] LinkosMu Season 6 Exp: 9999x Drop:100%

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[AD] LinkosMu Season 6 Exp: 9999x Drop:100%

Post  linkosmus6 on Tue Dec 27, 2011 8:08 am

General Server Information:

Server Name: LinkosMu Season 6
Version: Season 6 Episode 2

Server Rates:

Bless Bug: OFF ( '/zen' Command available )
Experience: 9999x
Drops: 100%
Monster HP: 80%

Server Configuration:

Reset Level: 400
Points Per Level: 10
Points Per Reset: 0 (Keep stats)
Keep Stats?: YES
Reset Payment: 10000000
Stats Adder Payment: 0 (Free)
PK Clear Payment: 15 000 000 Zen
Max Stats: 64 000 (Dark Lord / Lord Emperor Command: 32 000)

Jewels %: 100%
Machine %: 100%
Other rates %: 100%

Server Main Commands:

/zen - In-game zen adder. You will receive 100 000 000 Zen.
/pkclear - In-game PK clear
/str , /agi , /vit , /ene , /com - In-game stats adder (No 'switch character' needed)
/post - In-game global chat
/vault - Vault switcher. As a free user you have up to five vaults. Example: /vault 1 , /vault 2 , /vault 3 , /vault 4 , /vault 5

Server Features:

Online Players Announce System - Announces each and every user connected to server when he gets on line
Online Administration Announce System - Announces each and every member of staff connected to server when he gets on line
Reset NPC (Lorencia) - Provides in-game reset function
3D Camera - On/Off: F7 , Reset: F8 , Zoom/Rotate/Control - Mouse (intuitively move the mouse until the very end of your screen to control the camera)
Reset Stats Function - On website 'Control Panel' (Max Stats: 64 000 , Command: 32 000)
Complete Third Quest System - On website. If you don't know how to complete the third quest in-game (or you don't want to) you can do it from the website.
Vote Reward System - On website
Trade Online Time System - On website 'Control Panel'
Socket Items - Most of the items have sockets. The sockets for all socket items are 5.
Hall of Fame - Gives you immortality in LinkosMu. Best of luck on your way to eternity.

Website, Forums & Downloads:

Website URL: s6 . linkosmu . com

Contact Us:

Skype Live! Support: linkosmu
Email: linkos@email . com

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