[AD] InspireMu Season 6 Episode 1

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[AD] InspireMu Season 6 Episode 1

Post  inspire on Sun Sep 30, 2012 1:49 am


Website: inspiremu[dot]com
Forum: inspiremu[dot]com/forum

Server Details:
*Season 6 Episode 1
*Experience: 3000x
*Drop: 50%
*Points per level: 5/7 , 6/8
*Reset: From site
*Max Level: 400
*Max Stats: 32k
*Max Resets: 10000
*Create Guild level: 150
*Elf Buffer max level: 200
*Bots Buffer max level: 200
*Master Level points per level: 2
*Balanced PVP
*Custom Spots
*New Map extensions: Arena , Raklion , Aida , Kanturu , Kalrutan
*New Character Rage Fighter , working skills
*Pc Point Shop
*Marry System
*Gens System: Working PVP and quests
*Max Sockets on item: 3
*Grang Reset
*Vote System

Rates Success
*Jewel of Soul No Luck: 70%
*Jewel of Soul + Luck: 90%
*Jewel of Life: 70%
*Wings Level 3 success: 1% - 60%
*Item +10 success: 80%
*Item +11 success: 75%
*Item +12 success: 70%
*Item +13 success: 65%
*Item +14 success: 60%
*Item +15 success: 50%
*Fragment of horn success: 70%
*Broken horn success: 50%
*Red Pet success: 30%

*Castle Siege
*Blood Castle
*Devil Square
*Chaos Castle
*White Wizard
*Red Dragon Invasion
*Gold Dragon Invasion
*Kalima Kundun
*Crywolf Defense
*Happy Hour Event
*Kanturu Event
*Sky Event
*Raklion Event
*Loren Deep Event
*Double Goer
*Imperial Guardian
*Hit & Up Event

Player Commands
/reguest on/off

Opening 1.10.2012 , Register ON
Race for the best in Rankings
Starts at 14:00 GMT+2


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