CapitalMU | 80EXP | 40% Drop|S6E3

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CapitalMU | 80EXP | 40% Drop|S6E3

Post  CapitalMU1 on Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:11 pm

Welcome To CapitalMU [/size]

The files Purchased from IGC Network Season 6 Episode 3
The server is a server hard thet have trading in zen spots are adjusted to experience
In our server will be seige without lags and bugs the server is hosting and we promising to u thet lags and bugs will be not have on the server
every day we will try to add new things to the server in out server have a Coin Shop (Xshop) the coins u guys can gat from evants in our server
the server Designed to u guys there will not be selling sets on the server but will be a V.I.P Server Rage Fighter and Summoner u can open at lvl 1
to each player have a 3 banks thet u can use with command /ware with the number of the bank thet u want
We are proud to present Our Server CapitalMu !

Details About The Server:
The Server Is Hosted Forget about lags and bugs
Season: Season 6 Episode 3
Castle Seige: Dates and times will be determined in advance
PPL: 5/7
Spots: Adapted to serve
Shops: Very Hard
For Technical Support
You may request the team for help or at forum thet will out soon
To the server have very good security, cheaters and Hack about 99% will not be
Server 1-PVP
Server 2-NON-PVP
Server 3-V.I.P thet will open soon
Website -
Downloads -in the WebSite
Register - in the WebSite
Forum - Soon

Server Team:
[AA]ilay- Owner
[AGM]Max- Game Master Admin
[GM]Adam- Game Master
[GM]Daniel- Game Master
More Infrometion About the server
So Lags Clearly dont have the server will keep the testing on the server for one month
What a challenging in the server: Difficulty level of experience, money falls quite a bit trading will also be on the money!
Thet's something thet happend befor along time , Jewel are hard to get.
Why lack of money?:Lack of money was predicted that Exp hard then must match the money to the Exp.
About Season 6: In Season 6 Have alot new stuff (to all who didnt play season 6) There is also a new character by name: RageFighter.
New Weapons, Even have store in the game thet u can buy with coins how to get the coins? quite simply the game masters
making events on coins(Of course on more stuff). Why To Joins Us?!?: If u like hard servers , Not lazy and you have the power to play so JOIN US , there are not many such servers like CapitalMu
post = /post
add STR = /addstr
add AGI = /addagi
add VIT = /addvit
add ENE = /addene
add CMD = /addcmd
number of online = /online
pk clear = /pkclear
banks = /ware
Proposal of marriage = /prop
Marriage certificate = /accept
teleport wedding = /huwi
fireworks = /fw
making reset in the game = /reset
server info = /svinfo
info about character = /charinfo
clear ur inventory = /clearinv
divoce marriage = /divorce

We Be Glad For Joins Us In The Big Opening !!! CapitalMu Server !


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