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Post  sasaSM on Tue Nov 06, 2012 10:54 pm

MysticalMu Season 6 Ep 4

Max Stats:65000
Bigger Arena (New PvP zones,Good GM places for events)
In Arena all classes Buffers !
Dont have custom items , Only Originals! (One new Rage Fighter Set)
All Anciant Items Work!
5 Socket system work!
Socket+Harmony+Anciant+Excellent Option Work.
Big Spots in all maps.
3D camera work.
In Client have Sky,Sets,Days,Nights Effects!
Vote Reward system.
Bigger Inventory and Werehouse.
Marry System work(Special shop for only married players,in shop surprise)
Gens system work.
Good GameMasters and Admin Events(in Forum and in Game)!
Forum will be opened after server Grand Opening.
And Much More you can find the game!


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