[AD]InterkasaMu /Valhalla S.3 Ep.1 50 exp

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[AD]InterkasaMu /Valhalla S.3 Ep.1 50 exp

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Experience Rate: 50x
Drop Rate: 50%
Reset Level: 400
Reset Type: Keep Stats
Reset Payment: 10.000.000 Zen
Jewel of Soul Success Rate: 80% (+10% for items with luck)
Jewel of Life Success Rate: 75%
Chaos Machine Success Rate: 85%, 80%, 75%, 70% (+10% for items with luck)
DEDICATED SERVER (Powerful i7 Dedicated Server)

Interkasa MU Events:

Blood Castle
Devil Square
Castle Deep
White Wizard Invasion
Golden Mobs Invasion
Chaos Castle
Castle Siege
CryWolf Defense
Kanturu Event
Illusion Temple Event
Carnage Event
Mystical Soldier Event
Custom GM Events
And much much more

Custom Season III Episode I
We offer a original , bugless and fully customized Season III Episode I

All Season 1 Features working with no bugs
All Season 2 Features working with no bugs
All Season 3 Episode 1 Features working with no bugs
Vote Reward (Available on website , vote and get Cash Points which can be used in Cash Shop which is in-game , available by pressing X key on safe zones)
And many others!

main website : http://mu.interkasa.org/valhalla
Forum http://forum.interkasa.org

If you have probles During Accesing Main website Pliz clic ignore and continue . Tnx


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