Ageofmu MuOnline Premium Season 8 Episode 2

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Ageofmu MuOnline Premium Season 8 Episode 2

Post  Speeks on Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:41 pm

First server with medium experience: x1000 will be opened 27. August 19.00
The game is so completely changed, we have created a very interesting gameplay and we hope you enjoy it Emocijzīme smile have invested a lot of time to create the server as it is now.

Server x1000 Information
Version: Premium Season 8 Episode 2
Experience: 1000x
Drop: 55%
Maximum Stats: 32767
Max Master level: 250
Master Level Experience: 150x
Points Per Master Level: 2
After Reset: Stats Clear
Reset Reward: 30 Credits
Reset Reward : 15 Wcoin
After Reset stat points: 50
New FreePoints: DW,DK = 500 / SUM,ELF=600 / RF,MG,DL=700
Reset Price: 30.000.000 x reset
Grand reset from: 120 resets
Grand reset free points: 10000
Grand reset reward: 10000 Credits
Grand reset reward: 500 Wcoins
Different Gens Party: Enabled
Server valuables: ZEN / Jewels
Monsters per spot: 6-8
Features in website:
Webshop: No FO
Hide info: inventory, location
Vote Reward system: Get Credits by voting every 24 hours
Referral system: Receive 10 Credits from every reset made by referral.
Market system: Sell for Credits, Wcoins, Web Zen
Shop Cart system: Add items to cart and buy when needed
Online Hours system: Get 3 Credits for every hour
Zen Wallet system: Move zen to website
New On Server
PVP AND PVE : Balanced
Shops/spots: For x1000
Events: Configured For good gameplay
Box Of Kundum: Drop Configured


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