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[AD] Epixon-Mu Season 3 episode 1

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[AD] Epixon-Mu Season 3 episode 1 Empty [AD] Epixon-Mu Season 3 episode 1

Post  kinox Fri Oct 21, 2016 3:56 am

!!!!!!!!START 5TH of november!!!!!!!

Some information about the server:

- experience: 150
- drop: 50%
- Server location: United Kingdom
- Carnage Event
- Rena Event
- New monsters and Items
- The system of mercenaries
- Quest System
- Cash Shop
- Chaos Card Master
- NPC PkClear
- NPC Pirate Lotery
- Mystical Soldier Event
- Speed Bug Fix
- Jewel Of Mistical
- Jewel Of Exellent
- Cards to increase the percentage of cooking in the chaos machine
- In-game reset system: /reset
- Exellent + Ancent Items
- Setting formulas characters
- Added new mixes stones
- New Jewels:
- Jewel Of Luck
- Jewel Of Element
- Jewel Of Ancent
- Jewel Of Added
- Jewel Of Justice
- Jewel Of Skill
- Jewel Of Level
- Offline Trade
- Global alert about a new offline shop nickname and coordinates
- NPC Buffer
- 4 Loose Change 100kk 250kk 500kk 1kkk
- Mass greeting and information about characters when entering the game (Gem,Reset,GReset)
- In-Game Grand Reset System /greset
- Added a command to distribute Commando at Dark Lord
- Buy Systemm Gem for zen - NPC Teleport (price Zen and Gem) Settings for Reset and grand Reset
- Client Hp Bar Target Hp
- Settings for Lorencia Battle Ring
- PvP System Setings for all map
- Command information Character /char Nick
- Function Accaunt Mode
- NPC Exchanger
- New Item Drop Manager
- New Settings Calculator Character in procent
- Disconnect Hack protection server-side
- New Quest System
- Drop Event
- Happy Hour Event
- PvP Event
- Vip System
- Gem For Online
- Quest system in the development of the characteristics of the character
- Evangelion Event
- System Of Brother
- New client
- New Server files
- /mob 1 command your own pet
- Gem system
- Cash shop (x)

Server information:

Server version: Season 3 Episode 1
Experience: 150x
Drop: 50%
Max level: 400
Reset level: 400
Reset command in website
Pkclear in game command: /pkclear
Grand reset command in game: /greset
1 GEM = 10Gem points in "X"-shop
GR(GrandReset) since: 60 resets
GR(GrandReset) credits: 3000crd
Perfectly working Cash Shop!!!

Website links:

Server information -
Administrator contacts -
Register Link -
Server Client Downloads links -
Facebook group:

Grand opening:

Server Start Date: Saturday>>> 05/11/2016 <<<
16:00 Time. (UK)
18:00 Time. (LT)
20:00 Time. (RU)

More information in website news!


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