InsaniaMU Full Season 6 Episode 3 Version – modified , 99% bug-free. , 5000X (Ex702 In Process of Development)

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InsaniaMU Full Season 6 Episode 3 Version – modified , 99% bug-free. , 5000X (Ex702 In Process of Development)

Post  InsaniaMU on Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:53 pm

WEbsite :

General Information:
• MU Full Season 6 Episode 3 Version –  modified , 99% bug-free. (Ex702 In Process of Development)
• Experience: 5000X – easy and fun gameplay!
• Normal Drop & Exc Drop: 75X & 60X
• Points per Level DK/DW/ELF/SUM: 5/6 ; MG/DL/RF: 7/8
• Max Stats 32,767
• Max Level 400
• Jewel Rates – N/A Standart
• Machine Rates – N/A Standart

What makes us an unique server of Mu Online?
• A stable Anti-Hack System. You can be sure, that all the players in the server are honest and do not use hacks.
• Guild Vault System - unique Insania MU system which offers a special guild vault up to 5 vaults per Guild. Located at Crywolf map.
• Extra Vault System - By command /vault 0-10 you can switch between 10 vaults and store as many items as you want.
• Cash Shop - unique shop, with special offers. You can buy items from there, using Credits or Cash Points.
• Item Shop – using our new Web Shop, you can buy Uber Evil Sets, full optioned and socketed items, while helping the server.
• Multi-Lahap System - New Bundles Of Jewels For Mixing: Chaos, Life, Guardian, Gemstone, Harmony, Creation, Refining Stones
• Balanced PVP System - all the heroes in the game are now balanced.
• Vote Reward System – you can earn free credits, while you vote for our server. Also check Voters ranking in Rankings section.
• Мarriage System - traditional marriage is now fully automated and working only at Insania MU plus extra custom features to it.
• Gens System - offers you an opportunity to join two rival clans: Gens Duprian and Gens Vanert
• Grand Reset System – you can exchange your resets for Credits.

What makes us so special?
• Last Man Standing Event
• Dungeon Race Event
• Scramble Words Event
• Trivia Event
• Lottery Event
• Bring Me Event
• Battle Soccer Event
• Automatic Drop Event - most popular MU Online event now is fully automated.
• Weekly Castle Siege Event – a heavy and glorious battle. 100% Retail Working - LifeStone, Senior Mix
• Daily Game Master Events – big competitions, fun and excellent prizes.
• Full Working Golden Archer, only at Insania MU - Register your collected Renas and receive awesome prizes.  

What's so addictive?
•  Well organized monster spawns – everybody can level and develop easily, no matter what class he is
•  New Ancient Items – Over 35 New ancient sets
•  Useful Commands - /reset (resets your character directly from the game), /pkclear (clear your PK status directly from the game), add stat commands and many more. Type /help to receive all self-coded Insania MU commands
•  Latest and always updated bug-free content from webzen
•  Servers PVP and Non-PVP mode which is great for starters.
•  Live PK ranking | Live Gens ranking | Live Castle Siege


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